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Read your favorite Comics on PC

CBR Reader


CBR Reader is a free *.cbr file reader, the CBR is a very popular comic book archive format, this program can help you to easily open and view these comic book files, it also supports other similar comic format files, such as *.cbz, *.cb7, *.cbt and *.cba files. So, if you are a comic fan, this is a very useful software. At the best, it is completely free.


Download CBR Reader (after click, wait to open download file)

Freeware, easy to install and uninstall, it can support Windows 7, 8, 10 (x86 and x64).


 How to use

The software operation is very simple, press “Ctrl + O” to open a file, press “Up” and “Down” arrow keys to move image, press “Left” and “Right” arrow keys to zoom, press “Page Down” and “Page Up” to switch page. You can press “F11” to switch to full-screen mode, it will give you a better browsing experience.
In addition, you can also convert your favorite comics into other commonly used image formats, this software can support jpg/jpeg, png, bmp, gif image formats.

Source: www.cbrreader.com

NOTE: For PDF’s use Adobe Reader and you can download from here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/.




Converts Comic Book files to videos, to be watched on TV/Video players.
The possibility of reading a Comic Book by watching a video allows the user to be hands-free (no need to hold a phone or press a button/screen to change the pages) and also allow the reading by people with disabilities/paralysis The software is open-source, so it will always be free for all. By Maurício Oliveira software developer!

 More information and download link



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